Suit essentials for looking like a Don


Suit TrousersWhen it comes to wearing a suit, you want to look like a Don and not like a Donkey, so it’s important to know how to dress well. You want to get the little things right from the get-go, so here are five great tips to make sure you don’t do something unsuitable. Ahem. 

 Take the labels off

Suit sleeves

New suits come with labels loosely stitched onto the sleeves. They’re for branding in-store, and nothing more. They aren’t there to show off who made your suit when you’re out and about. Take these off before you leave the house. Nothing says ‘little boy lost’ like the tell-tale suit-label-still-on-the-sleeve disaster. Avoid!

Undo the stitching to your suit pockets


Your pockets will be stitched up when you leave the store – this is to keep the line of the suit protected when it’s on the rail. Take a small knife or scissors and carefully unpick the stitching along the pocket seam – and boom, you’re in business. They’re there to be used, not to look pretty (okay, so your breast pocket will). You don’t want to be the guy who tries to look louche with hands in pockets, but can’t, because they’re stuck. So don’t be!

Get your trouser length sorted

 Suit Trousers

Get this sorted ASAP – chances are the store will sell trousers too long for you – this is called an ‘unfinished length’ – make sure you get them finished off by getting the salesman or your tailor (or any good dry cleaner) to take them up to the right length, which is just brushing the tops of your shoes without any bunching. Bunching is the worst. You could spend a million dollars on a suit and kill it with baggy trousers. Get them altered, and look a million dollars instead!

Leave your belt in the drawer

 Suit belt

Belts look great with jeans or with odd jackets and trousers, but a suit is all about creating a uniform silhouette and clean lines from head to toe. Nothing kills this quicker than a leather strap splitting you into two across your waist. A belt says ‘my trousers don’t fit properly’. Make sure they do, then go beltless. You’ll look taller too!

Don’t do up your bottom button!

Suit button

Apocryphal history lesson – this tradition started when Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, got so fat he couldn’t do his bottom button up. His courtiers kept theirs undone too in solidarity (heroes), and a sartorial rule was born. Stick to it. If you’ve got a two or three-button suit, never do up the bottom button. Dons know.