Girl(friend) friendly upgrades for your place


girl hairdryerIf you want to be a real Don for your girl (whether she’s there for one night only or staking claims on her own key), it’s a win-win move to make a few upgrades to keep her sweet. If she’s happy, you’re happy, right? These little touches will get you a lot of goodwill – and hopefully more. If Tom Haverford got anything right, it was this.



Set the mood. Dim the lights, and light some candles. They don’t have to be scented, but it can help. Candles create so much atmosphere for barely any effort, and it’ll look like a massive gesture, so you’re up already. You’re instantly a thoughtful guy and enjoying some profile-enhancing mood-lighting to boot. She’ll wax lyrical about you.



Blankets. Rugs. Throws. Whatever you’re calling them, it doesn’t matter – as long as you’ve got them. Girls get cold. Dons don’t. To save you burning up and her freezing to death, have a throw to hand. It’ll up the look of your sofa, and will be right there as soon as you need it. She’ll warm up and warm to you at the same time. Win win. Extra points for cashmere.

Toiletries for your girl

girl hairdryer

She wasn’t planning to, but she ended up staying the night. When she has a shower while you make breakfast, don’t leave her with your gym-bag body-wash/shampoo combo. Stock up with some fancier toiletries for her pleasure (shampoo/soap/moisturiser) and she will definitely take note. Again – small gesture, big pay off. You’re the guy who notices the details. A real Don.



And now your girl is out of the shower she better have something big and lose herself in. And no, not you (yet), you’re still making the waffles. Make sure you’ve got a couple of towels ready. Which means clean and folded. And soft.  And a soft bath mat. And a robe, while you’re at it, for her to don when she’s ready. Don. Get it?