Sports you need to try in 2016


Bumperball9We all know our way round a Football field, a Soccer pitch, a Basketball court, and a Hockey rink. But how many of us can truly say we’ve mastered these sports? The chances of them coming to ESPN anytime soon are unlikely, so you’ll probably have to jump right in if you want to get a fix. Some of these are ridiculous, some are awesome. Either way, get involved. FYI, our personal favourite of these at Don Complex HQ is Loop. But that’s just us, ‘cos we are pretty chill. What about you guys?



Korfball is a kind of a cross between basketball and netball – the court is divided up into two zones and each team is made of 8 people. 4 members of each team are in each zone, and have to stick there for the duration. Games get really tactical because of these limitations, but here’s the reason we are all for Korfball – it’s (almost always) played by teams of half guys, half girls, so it’s ticking serious on-court social boxes that B-ball falls short on. Height isn’t a factor – but you need to be fast, tactical, and well positioned to score. In every sense.


loop pool sport

A complete change of pace here. Originally invented as a way to approach maths problems, Loop (Pool backwards, get it) is a version of Pool played on a small elliptical table with one central hole (like a bar-sports based putting green). It uses just 4 balls (white, red, yellow, black), and it’s all about the angles. For something so seemingly similar to pool, it sure plays really differently. Check it out:



Bandy is a cross between Ice Hockey and Soccer. It’s the second most played winter sport in the world, but odds are you’ve not had a go yourself. It’s super popular in Russia and the Scandinavian countries, with Russia the current World Champions (four times in a row). As for soccer similarities – it’s 11-a-side, a ball instead of a puck, and two 45-minute halves. The sticks are more curved than in Ice Hockey, and the ice is about the same size as a soccer field.

Bubble Soccer


So this is pretty nuts. Soccer and Zorbing’s ugly child. Ugly, but outrageously funny (you have to be funny when you look as ridiculous as this). An excuse to smash into your buddies at full steam without fear of injury (admittedly, googling ‘bubble soccer injuries’ brings up a lot of counter-evidence to this), the soccer ball is pretty much irrelevant. Also known as Bubble Bounce Football, for UK sports dons.


Quidditch sports

So yea. Harry P come to life. The wizarding world’s favourite passtime has now become a real sport. Who saw that coming? Broomsticks still involved, although unfortunately they are just carried. The guys at Quidditch HQ are yet to get the flight part sorted. But everything else is pretty much as it is in the books. Seekers, Bludgers, three hooped goals, a snitch. Mad. If you fancy nerding out but still keeping things active, this could be the way to go.

Wife Carrying (It’s still sports, guys. Honest)

Three teams of spouses participate in the wife/girlfriend carry at the base picnic Aug. 26. From left to right are 1st Lt. Jeffrey Beene, 341st Missile Security Forces Squadron CCE, and his wife Erin; Chief Master Sgt. Duane Buchi, 341st Medical Group superintendant, and his wife Lynn; and Daniel Christian and his wife Brittany, Buchi's family members. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman Cortney Paxton)

Makes Quidditch seem slick. Developed in Finland, men carry women over obstacles in the fastest time possible. Finland and Estonia have produced every World Champion so far. Some rules: she must be over 49kg (if she weighs less, she will be given weights to hold to bring her up to the standard). She can be your wife, or someone else’s. The track is 253.5 metres long. Got all that? Grab and go.