Games to take your yard party to the next level


Lawn gamesIf you’re lucky enough to be living where the sun is shining, we’ve put together a list of some awesome games to play in the yard or in the park that will take a lawn party or BBQ to the next level. Opportunities for staking your claim as top don and taking some money off the boys are always welcome right? These games provide that. They also provided lots of opportunity for girl and guy mixing too. Make it count.

Kubb (King’s Games)

King game

Also known as King’s Game, Kubb originated in Sweden and is a staple of all good Scandi garden parties, as are Scandinavian girls (hopefully the former leads to the latter). Two teams line up facing each other 25 feet apart, and stand behind a row of 5 wooden stumps, called Kubbs. In the centre is another wooden stump – the king. Take it in turns to throw wooden batons at the opposite team’s Kubbs, and after they’ve been knocked down, go for the king. The winners are the first to knock him down after clearing the other team’s Kubbs. It sounds basic, but it gets heated, and tactical too. Sometimes called Viking Chess. Come at the King, you best not miss.


quoits game

This is a traditional game (probably from Greece) that shares a lot of similarities with ‘Horseshoes’. The aim of the game is to throw rings (either rubber or rope) over vertical posts to score points. Addictive. So addictive in fact, that it is rumoured that a couple of English Kings banned such games as they were stopping men in their armies from practicing archery.



The aim of Péteanque is to throw hollow metal balls from a specified area in order to land them as near as possible to a central ‘jack’ ball. It can be played in teams or singles, and on any surface, though the French, who invented it, and who are all over it in the summer months, tend to play it on dirt or gravel. Curling is the ice-based equivalent, if you’re snowed under. Again, really tactical, and no gender discrepancy. So your french female friends are more than welcome. Encouraged, in fact.



She seems to be enjoying it, doesn’t she? If you’ve got the lawn space, this is the way to go, and it will bring a bit of Downton Abbey to your yard. Perfect if you’re impressing the boss or the in-laws. Two teams take it in turns to guide a pair of balls through hoops in a specific order using mallets and tactics. Constant screwing over of your opposition is the name of the game. Think putting meets pool, but with Pimms.