Style advice for you to follow so women notice



Here at TDC we’ve gained a few insights that we are pleased to be able to share with you guys. A straw poll of our finer female friends has enabled us to put together this list of little style flourishes that seem to make girls notice. We aren’t saying that these are the be-all and end-all moves to seal deals, but if you’re looking for tipping-point bonuses, take note.

These style secrets for various occasions should swing the odds to right where you want them.

Undone Bow Ties

bow tie style

This is catnip for girls. We’ve got it on very good authority that this is a Don move that ladies love to see. Chances are it will be deployed in pretty swanky surroundings, which can’t hurt, but being able to draw attention to the fact you’ve tied your own bow tie and that you’re no stranger to getting dressed up will elevate you from the rent-a-tux mob. You’ll get the Frank/Dean/Sammy vibe that is as comfortable as it is cool.

Smell good

 style scent

Granted, these are daffodils, but if she’s loving your fragrance, you’ll come out smelling of roses. Potentially literally. Seems like pretty obvious advice, but you’d be amazed at how few guys take note. Picking a fragrance is crucial, so we’ve put together a list of classics that she will love. You want your fragrance to be synonymous with you, so make sure you go for something a little bit more refined than ‘generic fashion-house spray’. If she starts to identify a scent with you, you’ve got her locked in. After all, smell is the most powerful memory-triggering sense.

Roll up your sleeves

style sleeve

While national defence might be giving rolled up sleeves a bit more sway than reality dictates, this is a move with big results. If you’ve put in the hours at the gym then why not show it? If your jacket is off at the end of the night, or if you’re in summer casual in the park or at the beach, roll. We recommend mid-forearm or just above the elbow – one long fold back then a couple more to hold in place. Breezy.

no backpacks with suits

satchel style

You’re killing it in your suit  and then you go and ruin it with a gym bag or schoolboy rucksack. Not okay. Girls love handbags, right? Well they are certainly going to check out what style of bag you’re toting (pun intended). Make sure it’s going to pass the test. Like in the picture above, something slim and leather should do the business – ideally strapless as well (put those forearms to good use and carry). The leather will patina beautifully with age, and you wont have straps creasing your suit shoulders. Offer to carry her bag as well and you’re golden.


style suspender

There is some pretty clear-cut distinction between the meanings of the US and UK terms at play here, so just to clarify, Suspenders in the US sense, and Braces in the UK sense (in Britain, suspenders equates to lingerie). What we are endorsing here is to discard your belt and go with suspenders under your suit jacket. You don’t have to flaunt them like Gordon Gekko, but let her see a hint every now and then and she will have something to grab hold of if she so chooses. We can see it now – a wedding dance-floor and a pack of bridesmaids. You see where we are going? Also – no clip-ons. They should button into your trousers, or don’t even bother. Class tells.