Taking your suits to the next level



Suits are the armour of the modern Don. But there is a difference between a cobbled-together coat of chainmail and majestic plate armour. To elevate yours to something befitting of a Knight (the Dons of the medieval age), here are five tips from the castle that is Don HQ.  We hope you’ve mastered all of the initial points we covered? Great. Now, to leave the armour analogy behind, here are the next steps you need to take in order to become more Rat Pack than Frat Pack.

Sleeve Length

suit sleeve

There should be about 1/4 inch of shirt cuff exposed from the end of the jacket sleeve. If your jacket is too long it looks like you’ve been left with one of your dad’s hand-me-downs. Pretty shabby. And if the sleeves are too short, you’ll look like Don Johnson, but not in a good way. Top tip – invest in sleeve suspenders. These are bands to wear over your shirt sleeves to keep everything in place. Looks boss when you take your jacket off too.



A big bonus from nailing the sleeve length issue? You can show off your killer links. As in the picture above, true Dons wear actual ‘link’ links. As in, held together by a small chain, rather than a swivel back bar. In terms of fit, the links should be able to be put into your cuff before you put your shirt on, leaving enough room for you to then (snugly) slide your hand through. Time-saving points right there. Also, if you’ve got college, school, or club colors to rep, rep them here.

Shoes (bad shoes RUIN good suits)

awful shoes

So these are about as non-Don as shoes get. Avoid anything similar. We feel guilty even sharing this picture at TDC, but preventative measures are necessary. Seriously, these are not okay. Savile Row’s finest tailors could never distract from these monstrosities. Shoes make or break suits. Don’t break them with bricks like these, we beg of you. And equally bad are extreme points. If you are at risk of blinding someone with the sharp end of your shoe, let safety prevail. Cap-toe Oxfords are what you are after. Play it safe, and win.

Pocket Squares


The stitching we unpicked last time in your breast pocket? That was so you could square up. As above, silk or cotton squares in complimentary colors. Don’t mess around with fancy points or ornate decorations. These aren’t napkins, and your breast isn’t a swanky restaurant table. But hopefully you’re sat at one, looking Don. Either a classic straight-edge fold, or a casually stuffed bunch as seen above. You’re in the big leagues now.



Serious big-boy stuff right here. In your left-hand lapel, you’ll have a button hole. As with your pockets, carefully unpick the stitching, and you’re ready to flaunt. Like this Don above, a small flower (just the bud, leave additional foliage behind) elevates things to serious next-level cred. If you’re not quite ready for flowers yet, we recommend using a silk knot cufflink (usually super cheap, and available in every color going). Guaranteed, girls will compliment. And your work is done.