Celebrities partying at Studio 54




Celebrities partying

The 1970s were heady days, as these amazing photos of partying celebrities suggest. Want to know how to party? There are some serious lessons to be taken from the guys and gals in action in these images from Studio 54 in New York. Opened in 1977 and properly closing in 1986, ’54 was the scene of some of the most debauched and infamous celeb parties of the era. A disco hot-spot, the club paid host to some pretty outrageous celebrities and their wild scenes. Fans of Dave Chapelle will recognise the venue from Rick James’ exploits. For one New Year’s Eve party the owners dumped four tons of glitter on the floor to replicate ‘stardust’, and why not? Enjoy yo’self!!

We’ve dug out images of singers, actors, artists, and even a famous leader’s mom (slides eight and nine). Personal favourite for us? Timothy Leary  on slide 10, turning it up to 11. As Chic sang, over shimmering guitars and sultry synths, these are [were] the good times. Enjoy!