How To Get Upgraded To First Class On Your Next Vacation Flight


how to first class

Want to travel in style to your next vacation?! First Class can be crazy expensive and out of reach if you’re also splashing out on hotels, meals, new clothes and entertainment on a holiday. However, because airlines overbook flights as standard practise (relying on a few no-shows per flight), you’d be surprised at how often people get bumped up to first-class.

So we’ve put together a ‘how to’ guide for you—to go along with our 10 ways to stay in the best hotels for next to nothing—complete with tips and tricks to get yourself upgraded. Absolutely anyone can improve their chances of getting an upgrade by following these few simple techniques. And let’s be honest, who would turn down the offer of an upgrade if it came their way? So, read on, learn, and then prepare to “turn left” the next time you step aboard a plane!