Best Memes from Euro 2016



They think it’s all over. Well thank goodness for that! It’s fair to say Euro 2016 wasn’t a classic.

The new format, despite allowing us to enjoy teams like Northern Ireland and Iceland play (and, most importantly, enjoy their fans), took some of the sting out of the usual high intensity of the competition.

That, coupled with some straight up snoozefests of matches and the fact the eventual winners won only once in 90 minutes (I’m looking at you Portugal) meant the whole competition was a bit of a let down.

However, we have the internet. And all of the funny people on it. And they were on fine form.


So here are the best five memes and funnies that sprang up during the competition. They’re not all about Cristiano Ronaldo either (although, of course, a few of them are)


1. Anthony Martial and Olivier Giroud

No one was sure what Giroud was doing during France’s 2-0 win over Albania in the group stages, least of all Anthony Martial.

Euro 2016


2. Antoine Griezmann With His Hotline Bling Celebration Against Northern Ireland And Germany

Probably the player of the tournament even though France didn’t win. Tidy celebrations too.

Euro 2016



3. Hungary’s Goalie, Gábor Ferenc Király

Király has worn grey tracksuit bottoms instead of shorts in almost every match he has played since 1996. He says they bring him good luck.

He also broke the record for being the oldest player to play in the Euros. His record now stands at a majestic 40 years and 87 days.

Euro 2016



4. Paddy Power’s Fan Denial Series

Paddy Power now make these very original videos on their Youtube channel.

Get past the Ronaldo moth stuff to see a guy get completely burned by his Facebook friends for pretending to have met the love of his life while in France for the competition! Hilarious! And great voices.



5. Referee Mark Clattenburg Reaction To Pepe Dive Against Atletico Madrid

Okay, so this is actually from the 2016 Champions League final between the Madrids (Real and Athletico, of course), but since Mark Clattenburg was reffing the Euro 2016 final and Pepe was in it – and up to his usual tricks, as well playing outstandingly (he played so hard he vomited at the final whistle!) – we thought we’d include it.

Who said refs have no sense of humour?