US Colleges With the Worst Crime Rates



Wondering where you’re going to do your college degree? Want to make sure your kids are picking wisely as they choose their next steps and continue their education? Ranking, city life, student life, sports – the list goes on. Greek life, football, rankings, education, alumni opportunities… these all come in to play. But one area that is frequently overlooked is city and campus safety. However, this should not be forgotten –essentially, social life, campus life, study hours – and so many other factors – depend on your college’s safety. College is usually for four years – a long time to be somewhere unsafe. College should be the best years of your life, so make sure you or your loved ones choose a safe community to grow and learn in. Check out this list to see the top 20 most dangerous US colleges…

Data is from the Office of Postsecondary Education Campus Safety and Security