About Us






The Don Complex is made by Jake and Dan.

Jake: Hey guys, I’m Jake. Let me be straight up with you – I am a bit of a clothes-snob (I blame my dad), so that’s me behind all those articles. I’ve worked in the tailoring industry as well as having a background in creative writing, so I am loving the chance to share great content with you all on this platform. Hope you’re enjoying it too!

Dan: Word up, I’m Dan. I’m a pretty simple guy. I got to go to college and majored in science so I like solving problems (which, TRUST me!, comes in handy when you start trying to run a website like this). Never ran a business before but I made money one summer as a kid selling lemonade, so I guess that’s where my entrepreneurial thirst came from. Favourite band: Green Day. Favourite food: some mad decent ramen. Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad (so if this doesn’t work out me and Jake will be heading to the desert). Used to skate but I don’t anymore (still got my boards tho!).


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